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General of the Thundering Herd AT-AT squadron with a penchant for killing, womanizing, and comedy

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#tbt Haha.. hey you fat Rebels you're running the wrong way. The Battle is this way!

  • 920 days ago via site
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Having trouble scoring men? Try sending this little card for #ValentinesDay You will thank me later.

  • 926 days ago via site
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Sent a totally unsuspicious xmas tree to the Rebels as a peace offering for the holidays. photo credit:

  • 983 days ago via site
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I don't know if anyone watched the last week but they desecrated my honorable face.

  • 1456 days ago via site
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The Rebel Base is on Dantooine huh?

  • 1479 days ago via site
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Luke, you are allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. You will find it on a tarp in the below coordinates.

  • 1709 days ago via site
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AT-ST tree fort... you may fire when ready.

Yes, I shot them all because I thought it was the Rebel logo. Besides that Last Airbender shit is way too Jedi-ish

  • 1799 days ago via site
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Hope everyone likes my new slippers and no they are not knock-offs, but authentic baby wookie heads. #starwars

  • 2120 days ago via site
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Apparently, it's free donut day at the Imperial Enlistment Center. And no that is not a pic of the Death Star!

  • 2175 days ago via site
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I wish Google Maps would update their damn photos! How is a General suppose to navigate this galaxy?

  • 2200 days ago via site
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I would volunteer to throw myself into the rancor trap if I had to watch you try to dance sexy... #starwars

  • 2222 days ago via site
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These men may look like assholes but great work on the jedi child abduction. #starwars

  • 2222 days ago via site
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Everyone is posting their favorite jedi pictures. I want to get in on the action. #starwars

  • 2252 days ago via site
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I have added another weapon to my aresenal. Killing you with cholesterol.

  • 2330 days ago via site
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Keep reaching for the forest moon of Endor. -Veers

  • 2406 days ago via site
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Unbelievable, I said we are going to Tatooine dress appropriately. And read the whole memo!We aren't on vacation.

  • 2544 days ago via site
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Photo evidence of them not walking single file to hide numbers. I told you we didn't murder those jawas. #RebelLies

  • 2630 days ago via site
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  • 2655 days ago via twhirl
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