@justinbieber meet me at the trian station tonight at 11:00

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Justin came on right when I put on fuse! The power of a Belieber! <3

I love you <3 ples notice me! Ill get you to if it kills me!

this is actually kinda how my life is! <3

Justin ples notice me! I actually exsist you know :T ?

you not noticing me right now...will just make the feeling sweeter when when you do <3!!!!

...................I love this one more than anything :)

Who on the world would want to hurt him! ............................this alone breaks my heart and bringd me to tears

what do the way can you tell me if my #girlfriend and #someday purfume drawing looks good?

what happedned! Ples I think I know the code! Help me!

Does he know he's responable for millions of girls ovaries?

:) <3


#Beliebers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ples RT this ples! Don't let them win!!!!!!!!

imma be a pumkin :p

Me and came up with a name for Justin's new tatoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its hooter :3!!!!spread da word!

Scared da fuck out of me!

it does make sence!! Look! See the road!!!

I win ;)

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