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Uri Geller was born in Israel he is a mystifier and the most investigated Paranormalist, Psychic, Spoonbender, Phenomenon he is distantly related to Freud

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Oh my gosh more nostalgia, how embarrassing but I had to make a living! I promised my mom to buy her a tv (black&white). I found this trove of modeling pictures which I haven't seen for years some are on my picture gallery under ABOUT URI. Love 2 all!

Monica who cuts my hair in a small local barber shop. We are sending you all positive energy from very rainy and flooded UK.

I found this on an Israeli Nostalgia website. From my modeling days in Tel-Aviv an ad for toothpaste! How funny. Sending you all super positive energy for 2014! www.urigeller.com

By the way, yes! I do read all your messages to which I'm always very grateful! I do feel the love I receive from U and that's priceless, love is energy and energy is tangible and spiritual. I do answer my emails too: uri.com Uri = you are I

Sending you all crystal clear pure positive energy to empower your new year and make all your dreams come true! Love and Happy New Year! www.urigeller.com

This weapon kills 250.000 people a year. General Kalachnikov who was the designer of the AK-47 died Dec 23, he regretted that his creation kills so many. Tonight let's pray: NO more wars!

well done Sari, Sean, Sebastian! u picked up name of the sculptor but not HORSE, but u may come, email me 4 arrangements. Many of u came close! monies 4 Kadima go 2 Philippine aid where James lives and works. He made it from driftwood!!! Urigeller.com

The first person who tells me what this is may come to my house for coffee or tea if you can make it to Berkshire UK. Please visit my website www.urigeller.com

Sending fab wishes from London, Daniel visiting from NY.

Once again and I will never stop always sending you rays of positive energy empowering thoughts inspiring vibrations tons of love wishing u all health happiness and peace of mind! Happy Holidays!

Hi all! Both documentaries The Secret Life Of Uri Geller and Uri Geller A Life Stranger Than Fiction are on my home page to watch free at www.urigeller.com enjoy the films. Both documentary's carry a clue to my next quiz.

I wore the same shirt I wore almost 40 years ago on my first Spanish tv interview.

Filming in Spain for New Year tv show. www.urigeller.com

Where am I? Visit www.urigeller.com I also would like to ask you all for a favor, if you read the Secret Life Of Uri Geller would you be kind to leave your comments about the book on amazon US and amazon UK thanks! And love!

No! No! No! My telepathic powers are ebbing away! Those who said Scotland that's where scarf is made! BUT it was bought 4 me in Las Vegas Nevada the existence of Area 51, the US airbase rumored to house a UFO, clue: my jacket an air force pilots jacket!

Hi everyone! I'm really surprised that no one guessed which country/ city the scarf was sent me from. This picture carries a clue and now no doubt someone will know. I'm thinking of the city telepathically the first who names city wins! Love U

New Quiz! Where was this scarf bought for me? I want country AND city! The winner and family are invited to my house if they can make it to Sonning. The people who gave me the scarf are not allowed to participate. Visit my website www.urigeller.come

Remembering Mandela. Blessings to you all!

Just now standing at the bottom of our garden magical light beautiful reflections sending you all love!

Kim and her daughter Beth and Taj who all successfully guessed my Shabi figure visiting me now. www.urigeller.com