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I read books. I play games. I love videoke. I make jokes you don’t laugh at. I bake cookies that turn you over to the Dark Side. I'm weird. I also geek.

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Attempted to make Viennese fingers today.. As usual, presentation needs work xD tastes awesome w/ chocolate tho 6:

  • 1783 days ago via site
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Okay, looking back, I MAY have gone a little overboard with the book-shopping this afternoon... xD

  • 1789 days ago via site
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Happy grocery fun time at SM Center Las Piñas n.nb I <3 buying stuff for baking :D

  • 1804 days ago via site
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Rekindled passion for baking = I can have my cake... & eat it too! It's like icing on the cake ü (forcing the pun)

  • 1817 days ago via site
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Oh, and yeah: we made quite a mess :D

  • 1818 days ago via site
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Baked a couple of cinnamon scrolls (sic - that's what the recipe calls 'em!). Didn't turn out as I hoped xD will try again someday n.nb

  • 1818 days ago via site
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Duty-free shopping = getting a few of my favorite things :> (chips, Skippy, CEREAL!!!, butter danish cookies)

  • 1818 days ago via site
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Me: He who SMELT it, dealt it! Haha!

  • 1826 days ago via site
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It doesn't quite feel like my birthday without having cake! :)

  • 1828 days ago via site
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At the end of the day, I'm still amazed by how huge strawberries here, tho :D (topped with cream, of course!)

  • 1832 days ago via site
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Still, Red Rock Canyon in all its beauty just about takes the cake :)

  • 1832 days ago via site
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We got to see some interesting stuff too, like this old-fashioned convenience store at Randsburg :)

  • 1832 days ago via site
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Went on a road trip today. Got great milkshakes, tasty candy and lotsa food xD

  • 1832 days ago via site
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Grandma spoils me-- err, us :D check it out: strawberry shortcake! :)

  • 1833 days ago via site
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Just finished baking tho. I think the cookies look all small and cute-like :D

  • 1839 days ago via site
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In other news: Eating lunch at the office. Bringing chopsticks wherever I go is just darn awesome n.nb

  • 1849 days ago via site
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Latest employee sale find: Pocky chocolate cookie crush :o

  • 1864 days ago via site
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