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I'm a huge geek and love baking. Oftentimes, these 2 things overlap. for orders! (Or visit me with Carole's Country Kitchen at @VanMarkets)

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And of course, there will be unicorn poop cookies for sale - no easter is complete without unicorn poops, right?

We'll also have a great select of cookies, and some pre-made easter baskets for the geek in your life!

Come out the the this Saturday from 11-3 and snag a Cadbury Creme Egg cupcake, (among many others!)

Instead, here's a picture of our Caramel Apple Pie cupcakes: #besticando

Geek Sweets ZOMBIE BAIT cupcakes! On sale at the this Saturday. Order a dozen to fight off the horde!

Long distance FaceTime chats with Mr. B, who is crazypants:

Tell yer geeky friends! Geek Sweets Great GEEK Garage Sale, tomorrow from 8AM to 4PM, + Geek Sweets half price sale!

Want somma dese cake pops? Then come to the Great GEEK Garage Sale TOMORROW! 619 Chadburn Ave

Geek Sweets Unicorn Poop Cookies are Twilight Sparkle approved: #brony

New to Geek Sweets - Unicorn Poops! Big, glittery, rainbow sugar cookies, baked fresh daily by UNICORNS! (Eww!)

Hitchin' the whole way there too! ...actually no, not really. That would be wicked scary and I'm a wuss.

Need goodies for Easter? Geek Sweets is open and taking orders all weekend! And check out our new seasonal flavour:

Wondering what to bring for Easter dinner? How about some Geek Sweets cupcakes? "Frank's Fav"= great choice for spring!

The Lumberjack Special! Choc. chip pancake, filled with maple cream, topped with cinnamon b/c and oven candied bacon:

Anyone want an iPhone background of a geeky My Little Pony eating a cupcake? Sure ya do…

Popcorn Tub cupcakes - wanna make 'em yourself?

There it is folks - on the menu, all official-like:

Some cute, glittery red velvets for a bridal shower last weekend:

I also have 1 Gluten-Free 4 pack left if anyone out there wants it! Only $15 for an assortment for 4 yummy cupcakes:

Two 4-packs available immediately - $15 each - no tax! Email jenny (at) for pickup details.