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Fronm the sand dunes in Northern Territory....

Just for sunset at Kakadu, NT :-)

My first crocodile!!!!

just for you - Mindil Beach, Darwin, NT - 30 seconds ago (no post-prod!)

And my awfully rich Mississipi Mud Cake (50 000 kJ at least)

Too much chocolate, I should have gone for the NY Cheesecake... Beautiful view for sweet treat (Darwin Museum)

Not sure I want to go swimming or bush walking again :-( (and there are 5 stands full of these displays!)

Ooooh please don't me encounter any of these please! (or any of the other hundred species roaming around)

what about this one? (Fannie Bay, Darwin)

enjoying local country music (Troy Cassar-Daley)

enjoying local country music (Troy Cassar-Daley)

just for you ;-)

I think I'll pass on the roasted marshmallows tonight

Nice sunset (though a bit smoky) over a former gold mine - seriously considering digging after dark!

My favourite flower! Means I'm close to tropical weathers, I feel like home now :-)

Beautiful Cutta Cutta caves, where I prayed not see any snakes (prayer answered)

The hot thermal springs at Mataranka - 34 degrees of pure bliss

... or the Devil's Ass?

Devil's Marbles...