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Entrepreneur & Investment Manager. Founder @GPCWorks, @Ment_at & @Variab_ly. CIO @IntegralCapital.

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Great line from Inception. To keep in mind in the face of obstacles and doubters. #entrepreneur #startup

Global tax misery index (from Forbes 2009 but still valid). #tax

Sums up a lot of "players" in the space. Spot on… #Hedgefunds

For the kids out there dabbling in bitcoin, have a read about a very old game: #bitcoin

Proportion of US population in labor market back at 1980 levels (63.3%) - 30 year chart. #NFP #unemployment #econ

No idea what is the fair value of BTC but last 24 hr indicate a bad risk adjusted investment. Stay in gold. #bitcoin

Long term (20 yr) European unemployment rate chart #EU #unemployment

Forty Two - that is the only correct answer after all… #life

Dow Jones in gold terms, last 2 decades. What a difference a hard currency makes...! #Dow #Gold #LongTermThinking

Morning dew

Current Barron's cover - no comment… #Greece #USA #fiscal_cliff

Previous recent EUR rallies from lows have been about 20%, current move about 10%. #Euro #forex

Greece newsflow back to normality - story mention chart on Bloomberg. #Greece #Markets

Correlation between emerging markets & world indices, beware of the sting of the "tail" ! #Markets #Emergingmarket

SPX looks still bullish in the face of multiple headwinds thanks to the Fed. Breakdown sub 1300 may bring mild panic.

Παλιό αλλά καλό απο τον ΚΥΡ

The oldest surviving moonwalker. We have to start thinking big if the human race is to survive on (or off) this rock.

Europe's lost generation, Greek chart enclosed (15-29 not in employment, training or education):

Greek long term CPI inflation chart. Draw your own conclusions. #Greece #inflation

So this is how it all started for me (BBC B Micro BASIC & 6502 assembly).

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