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Yuck: Does anyone know how to change Photoshop so my canvas isn't always in the center of my canvas?

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. Paintin the pictures n' shit.

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Eddie! Eddie the snake! She is teeny tiny & lovely.

The big bag 'o zines i've been carting around

I love these diagrams. I want to be a stacking-things scientist in the next life. #crushology

In the past 20 min i've seen 6 trucks of pigs. Are they making all the bacon for the year in downtown toronto today?

limited editon screenprint with taco... Best idea ever. Let's get that studio together guys!

In better news we have candles on pur deck now

I never noticed how ugly the N in the Toronto logo looks, it works with the rest of the rest of the word.

Somebody had a fun night #thelimothelimothelimosonfire

This is why i'm getting into purchasing software! Sweet packaging & addons! #dragonstopmotion #nomoremailstrike

#30daysofcreativity torontowood

#30daysofcreativity from a few days ago. Lemon island

#30daysofcreativity please forgive my truancy, i have been learning how to be a set dresser

#30daysofcreativity i'm glad i'm doing this while i'm so busy with non-draw stuff, keeps me sharp when i would be dull

#30daysofcreativity covered in mud comix!

I was born to be a set distresser

Post damn you #30daysofcreativity

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