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The Revolution will not be motorised A Moulton riding linux-loving cyclist & geek. Darlington exile now an incomer on Tyneside!

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Tour is heading up the Col D today. "Fond" memories of climbing that a few times...

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South Tyne getting £0.90/head per yr for sustainable transport. Healthcare costs due to inactivity costs £90/head

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This story may cause the DM comments section to meltdown. good tale of forgiveness & friendship

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This was the underwhelming response from the South Shields 365progress team when i asked about cyclists provision

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Constant traffic noise is making people depressed and stressed. Something else more people cycling would reduce

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Bugger. Could feel a bumping from back of bike on ride home yesterday. Bloody rim has cracked.

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Almost TdF smooth tarmac on C2C from Washington to Beamish thx to IF only all cycling was this idyllic

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Amused by this comments. you're all selfish idiots parking your cars all day so he can't park his all day instead

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Go Zero scheme has no hint of cycling as sustainable zero-carbon transport. Yet another #fail from

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Police called in over Pensioner's work on a path by . Please say this is a DM fib & isn't true

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"cyclists stay back" sign on tiny van. Nothing in cab to tell driver to use mirrors etc!

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Not sure "share with care" signs should be included as good or best practice. Never see them on roads?

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Good to see The Tyne & Wear Local Transport plan website promoting safe everyday inclusive cycling

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Not sure why anyone would every think this was a sensible cycle lane. A194/A1300 South Shields

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Cycling causes increase in genital injuries so Daily Mail recommends wearing of a helmet. Where do I strap it?

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