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Worlds greatest pipe 2003.An attractive pensive young man,who's penetrating gaze bespeaks a mèlange of charm and mocking wit.Yep a bit of a twat

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Happy birthday son

Work done for the day, off to meet for 18.30

Curry night tonight. Thats neat, thats neat, thats neat, thats neat, i really love that Tiger Beer

Was Jane in The Usual Suspects

#TheApprentice Does anyone think Duane looks like a darker version of?

This is my pal , tuesday evening, march, due at work at 6am, wednesday

Yep should be fine

Is this fella a member of One Direction?

Mowing the lawn? well ill just be lying here if you need me


happy birthday,


Three minutes later;

Someone didnt want to go for a walk this morning

Should a snail really be found in your birthday meal? No wonder the service was slow

Let them eat cake


Pre birthday food has arrived in #pub
Whoop whoop, a feast fit for a king

Is this a sign that things at home arent going quite as well as you thought?

Have set a trap for the birds in the garden. First one to eat a golf ball gets
.........more bread

happy birthday stace, i couldnt quite get all the candles on!

Have a smashing day!!

This is drawing of my pal 's sons monkey in the drawing game.
I think the private tutoring has failed

My pal son is doing drawing on my phone, this is his picture of a toe.
Im worried where this may end

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