Corporate graphic designer, illustrator, would-be photographer and occasional miracle worker. Likes trains. Mostly harmless. All views are my own.

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Picked up ’s beautiful London Unfurled - sketched view from the Thames looking both north and south.

My Thursday shirt attracted plenty of compliments today. Maybe I should wear it every day…

Oh yes! Purple fountain pens and Sharpies are all I seem to write with :-/

You know how it goes - get a job in marketing a develop a nasty Coke habit *burp*

Okay twitter, what type of caterpillar is this?! Approx 4” long, spotted in Telford. Maybe will know…

Wonderful! The messed up scale reminds me of photos of the model used in Raise the Titanic.

If it helps I can recommend the Heljan 47 too. Really excellent model :)

Love the action shots! Can’t give you a 67018, but I can give you Kestrel :)

Yeah, and a Virgin 57301. Nice models.

Hey , if you do get your Shrewsbury to London train, can it be like this one (albeit 76 times bigger)?

Sorry, tweet overload, but here’s the Class 89, and the BR Brand Manual. Enjoy!

Yip it’s Tornado - got one of those :)

There you go - I’ve got a few set up now :)

There you go - that’s more like it! Planning to give everything I’ve got a run. Could be here a while.

Have you given it a run yet? You inspired me to get mine out :)

Hey why are you phoning my mum this often to offer her a phone when she’s already with you? Not impressed :(

Essential purchase from - brilliant Oswestry Books, Films & Plays postcards. Just a few pictured.

I think I’ve found just the book for you in ! :)

Thanks to , I think I’ve just discovered Authentic Weather - probably the best weather app out there.

Having a great day exploring the Llangollen Railway with , whose hair colour matches the signal glass ;)