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Arrgh. Maybe my computer is trying to tell me I’ve done enough damage for one week.

My keyboard was acting up so brought me another. This one’s been rode hard and put up wet.

Finally. A place to go to enjoy art by Mericans. #merica #murica

Got to drive my S2000 on a curvy road for the first time in quit a while. Glorious!

I think it’s time to update my look. Maybe a Jesse Pinkman meets David Hasselhoff vibe? #breakingbad #supyo

Tim Harlow () invoking Monty Python in today’s Devo. I like this guy. (, )

So, I’ve never actually had chair envy before. #firsttimeforeverything

So yeah, this is happening.

A traditional portrait for our last night at the beach.

Say hello to my leetle friend. Pretty sure it’s a hog nose snake.

A pic of this beautiful piece. A bit in the expensive side, but so cool!

Please walk slower. I’m a beginner… #flipflops #whattheheckarethesethingsonmyfeet

Some of the sights are more attractive than others.

Seeing the sights in Seaside today…

This is a gallinipper. It’s a giant mosquito that lives here in Florida. Fortunately I got this one before he got me.

I all live in a yellow submarine.

This confirms what I already knew. The Internet service here is v e r y s l o…

Had to come see the water before it got dark. #seagrove

Storm’s a brewin’.

Burning whatever kind of oil that comes 3 hours before the midnight kind…