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Sarah is getting her eyes checked. She's been complaining of blurry vision in one eye.

This hole was the only one that produced any fish today. 6 bluegills. We threw them all back anyway.

Temp is hovering around 0℉ and it's snowing. Headed out to go ice fishing. 

Got a few hours sleep in the frozen North. It's beautiful here. Last night's low? -22℉. 

The rare Arctic Hoon in his natural environment.

Pastor Steve is talking about Facebook this morning.

However, now that built-in cupholders have entered the equation I may be willing to negotiate. 

Sitting in a massaging/heated recliner @ La-Z-Boy. Wife thinks we need a new sofa. Me? Not so sure.

Dinner! At Logan's with the girls. 

Jim, putting the finishing touches in his lines.

Shooting some video with my buddies John and Matt. 

Me and my new pal Flame.

The "Greaties from the Eighties." Just a small part of Cmas production @ Grace Chapel. Sun. & Wed.

& at rehearsal for Grace Chapel's Cmas production.

Having a wonderful time at the Andrew Peterson & Special Guests concert at the Ryman.

Aah, the holiday season. The smell of exhaust, the sound of car horns fills the air.

Hanging around before my meeting. It shore is purty 'round these parts.

An object lesson on the DDROC. (Dog's Divine Right Of Comfort) Chili is still sick but is definitely improving. Thanks for your prayers!

It's getting pretty gloomy looking out there, tweeps. I'm thankful for a cozy office and my little foot heater.

Melba making me feel comfortable.