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Thankful to be with friends and family today.

Volcano roll with LED. First dinner I've ever had that I could use to find my keys in a dark room.

Everybody's gathering in the lobby to cheer on a couple with their debt-free scream!

I have no doubt. #microsoft

The ginkgo tree outside my office window is starting to turn. Soon to be in full autumn splendor. ()

We won loot at Lampo lunch today... Thanks North Star Games and Moose Head Kettle Corn! ()

Reason #321 why you shouldn't leave your computer unlocked around here.

I love it that a spacecraft will witness a cataclysmic event a million light years away. Then notify me on my phone.

Somehow, I doubt this spam message will be very effective around here... #debtisdumb

Trying this today. Thanks, .

Renamed my one-person web dev co. in 1996. Still get auction house junk mail for "industrial machinery buyer" #fail

When tweets about Space and Guitars collide... #favoritethings

I wish I were three years old again so I could ride this Art Deco tricycle...

Oh nothing... Just hanging out enjoying a couple acres of used books.

On his Lampoversary, Jon’s been even quieter than usual. Looks busy. Guess we shouldn’t bother him.

. just had these electronic guitar tuners delivered to the office. Pretty sweet!

So, about that flu shot… #feelingyucky

I don’t say this very often, but… Dang it’s cold in here!

“Our society has an amazing ability to think logically to wrong conclusions.” — (at today’s Devo)

About to swap out the tubes in my Fender Cyber Twin. Hoping for great tone and no smoke, sparks or flames.