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There it is again! I KNOW I saw it this time! Of course it still feels like Nome AK, but that'll change soon I hope.

Feb 25th, 2014. The day I walked out of the office and caught a glimpse of the SUN!! #filter #sueme

I've got big plans... () #versawing

Today at lunch. Caption needed!

At Wal Mart during a tornado warning. They've herded us to the back of the store.

The aftermath...

This was my cube this morning. Well played, my friends. Well played.

I can now add "quadcopter repair" to my résumé.

Yep, I always suspected leasing was a bad idea. #fortunecookie #typo #livelinenooneelse ()

Sometimes you just have to go for the boat. #sushi

. made me a custom capo for my Agile 8-string guitar! It's a perfect fit anywhere on the neck.

A little new hotness in my life this afternoon... A 20th Anniversary Fulldrive 3! #happyguitarboy

Ya know, come to think of it I've always wanted to smell like a guitar solo... #whatdoesthatevenmean #boughtitanyway

Dangers of living with a dog trainer. People snacks and dog treats next to each other on the counter. #choosewisely

Rain is slowing down, but Toby doesn't like the thunder one bit.

Check out the mall traffic. The drive home will be a slooow one today.

My Mac has been running great. Then today I get two kernel panics in an hour. Arrgh.

Some extra special visitors to Financial Peace Plaza this afternoon... ()

Yep. Legendary. #LampoParty2013

The stunning bison burger at ! In other news, did you know that ketchup is a non-Newtonian fluid?