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❤ Coffee | Cake | Food | Music | Yoga ❤ Rock n Roll ~ LIFE is NOW baby! My favorite follower is @jamieoliver :o) my twitter name is lame. Gavin who??

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Are you with me girls? #hotstuff HAHA LMFAO



dinner served

you make me miss Hawaii SO much! Can we have that Dreamliner direct CPH-Lihue ASAP please! Aloha

DANG! Happy International Running Day :o) Gotta love a nice evening run

DANG :o) smells great!! Organic too!

swear this coffee is worth a pit stop in Reykjavik, Iceland next time your headin Europe. Creamy tasty!

needed to show you this! Black Beach in Iceland :o) #viking #power #zen

I've heard you everyday on the radio while up here in Iceland ~ Bjork not even once ;o)

morning from Iceland. Middle of nowhere ~ but magic MAGIC! :o)

Good morning babe :o) ❤

put Iceland on your bucket list. Amazing lobster bisque, seafood n FANTASTIC coffee culture! You'd LOVE

_norris ---> I swear u need2 visit Iceland. FANTASTIC lobster bisque, seafood & amazing coffee shops. You'd LOVE

totally spoilin you today :o) haha!

:o) with ❤ from Iceland #waterfall

:o) with ❤ from the waterfall nerd Mette

~ told you Iceland is waterfall wonderful :o) greetin from Reykjavik, Mette

Reykjavik should be your next NU project! This place is SO freakin awesome! Seriously!!

kisses from your crazy Mette xxx miss you girls :o) ❤