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You know who else was grumpy? HITLER.

Amazing Daily News art for pharmacies running out of flu shots is the world on fire with a giant syringe in it

i don't think you understand how excited i am about the white house death star petition response. this was me in 1999:

this one time, swine flu patient zero sneezed on me.

cleaning up files from last year, this is definitely still one of my favorite photoshops:

EXCLUSIVE via : bet you didn't know obama was also photographed vacationing today

woof. my homie joshua lott actually got pics of clinton walking out of the hospital . everyone smiling

didn't come out great, but this is one of the shots i was working on yesterday: day-night double exposure in camera

the clock strikes midnight as revelers in times square celebrate

fireworks in times square at the ball drop

last second of 2012, first second of 2013. both ball and date are lit

They just raised the Times Square Ball. Had to bust dandelion style...


The Daily News isn't even trying with these photoshop blends anymore.

In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare:

this just happened eff you guys

Just got a chance to browse around the new Klout--it gives you encouragement for using social media. SO CORNY.

"Your Quora Weekly Digest -- What is it like to be an alcoholic?" EFF YOU QUORA, MY LIFE IS STRESSFUL

OMFG Obama using Twitter

Why does the Daily News do this weird montage thing on its front page? The photoshop is awful and it's poor journalism