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shoutout to this one dude taking a photo of oscar pistorius with his phone, though. my kind of photographer.

if you've ever wondered how many bikini pictures of the same dead woman the daily news can fit on its homepage:

john boehner what are you doing bro

just a reminder that NBC predicted 38.3" of snow in one report. like, an actual thing that was aired.

an engineer poking mercury in the nose atop grand central terminal to make sure it doesn't end up like the sphinx

Stairs down to the secret basement level of Grand Central Terminal, "Welcome to Hell!"

Abandoned tracks below Grand Central Terminal, from a tour I took a few years ago

was given the opportunity to tour the basement of grand central terminal... this is FDR's rail car, i believe.

has anyone ever seen this pic of mark zuckerberg w/ a roasted pig before? graph photo search... you will end journalism

is the embargo off? congrats on your new job @ the new yorker. honored to have known you since the start

Wait what, I thought that rescued that dolphin?

looking at the daily news website these days makes me want to cry, it's like a mashup of the worst qualities of the web

look at all these people taking photos of the obamas so they can put it on twitter... OH WAIT NEVERMIND

the stage that obama on is tilted 5-10 degrees bro

crazy photo of ford, nixon, bush, reagan and carter

I have a dream... for a $10,000 cash giveaway and $2.99 bottom round roast #adbedfellows

pete souza's work is slipping, this is what obama's new portrait should've looked like