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Director of Operations, Insider Images. Danny Glover punched me in the face once and it's been all downhill since then.

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File under photos I didn't move: The moment the Bezos/Washington Post deal was being made in Sun Valley

actual item on the ny daily news website

this byline is the king of all brand muddling bylines

oh hey it's paul rudd's birthday, so here's a creepshot i took of him a while ago.

Also found in agency partner's archives: Sergey Brin and Larry Page doing a press conference in roller blades

browsing my agency partner's archives and found this picture of a cat using a laptop

i think that this is the spire topper to one wtc. it's at ground level today if you wanna see it. pretty cool.

the view from the 100th floor of one world trade center--morning light

a worker cleans the windows on the observation deck of one world trade center

a ship sails past the shadow of the nearly complete one world trade center from the building's observation deck

the daily news finds new ways to disappoint me every day.

played around with a remote camera in the air at the t-mobile event today. wish i could've had it centered. next time!

i love it every time that TIME magazine does this. #retweetwhoring

Real talk from CNN.


who wants to buy jonah peretti file art, i've got a ton of it

who wants to buy jonah peretti file art, i've got a ton of it

looking through old photos for a deck, i found the last jonah peretti file art that you will ever need

I hate everyone that i work with

the dude taking a cell phone photo of oscar pistorius has the center position. how did this happen? you're all fired

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