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Neuroscientist, comedian, tutor/lecturer, Guardian blogger, family man. If you read my tweets in a strong Welsh accent, that would help.

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Umm... help?

Speaking of dishonest election flyers, I don't think this man actually speaks a word of Welsh



Millen eating lunch. Yeah, he's clearly my son.

I've not got high hopes for the crew dealing with that potentially-exploding whale

Some kids like to play with trains. Millen prefers to play with a train of trains. #meta

Meant to do a lot of stuff tonight, but this little sod decided to ruin all that. Look how malicious he is!

aaaaaw yeah, gurl!

Saw a guy coming down the street delivering UKIP leaflets. This seemed the most efficient option.

Just received this in the post. I have no recollection of why or how I would be sent this.

Spending the bank holiday getting smashed* with my mates** (* = watching Peppa Pig) (** = son)

Told my father's dog about the Mail on Sunday food bank story and now he's depressed

Made this, to win an argument with the wife. I've no idea how we got to this point

In fairness to #Taken, this is the best subtitle I've seen in some time

Must be unnerving when graffiti calls your bluff


Dinner with my in-laws. This is what I was wearing. Because I can no longer deny who I am around them

Millen with his big cousin Cadyn. I think they're starring in some cutting edge HBO drama, judging by this pic