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Neuroscientist, comedian, tutor/lecturer, Guardian blogger, family man. If you read my tweets in a strong Welsh accent, that would help.

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I made toast for my breakfast. It's going down a treat

Ew! I just stepped in Pooh!


Look at this cheeky little bugger on my lawn!

Someone said they'd nominated me for a nice bucket challenge. Not sure I get it, but ok. Here's my best one.

You put "Eye of the Tiger" on the music player, then suddenly...

I got your Great British Bake Off winner right here!

I made fun of the #supermoon furore, but I stand corrected. Look how incredibly bright it is today!

This was drawn for me by , which was nice of him

I imagine this is the face he'll make when revealing his doomsday device as an adult

Pulled this off the underside of my chair. Am I going to be arrested now?

Really fancy a Pepsi right now for some reason...

Currently wearing the birthday present I got from workmates. And yes, I could totally wear this in the office

Once again, a handy flowchart for anyone bothered by Richard Dawkins' comments

I... I don't know what to make of this

Just found this old birthday card I got from . Pretty much sums us up.

Decided to kill some time with the local paper, only to find this creepy bastard staring back at me.


Here's the image that was meant to go with previous tweet

I'm sure this was a 7lb baby not 2 weeks ago