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(Ohh, is that new? Or does it take snapshots only when you install beta firmware?)

Icon fail, or is it just my eyes?

Season's Greetings from Garoo

Christmas card at the ready… 

(Ah ben c'est discret et élégant.)

Don't click Wipe, don't click Wipe, don't click Wipe

Why the hell does my MacBook ask for my password to unlock the screen saver even after only ten seconds?

(Lazytweet cause I'm lazy and I hate the web: how the fuck do I fix that?

Many niggles but most importantly I miss the album view

Ungh. iOS 4.1 has crapped up my app (looks like a rendering bug on special symbols when they have a shadow).

L'effet d'un article dans Têtu (reçu par les abonnés à partir du 21, en kiosque le 25, lu le dimanche) :

Je disais donc :
Pourquoi les gens ?

The danger of offering your paid iPhone app for free as a launch promotion:

Ask El Jobso: Damnit.

I'm bored and I want a PS3 and a wheel. (Among so many other things.)

Parce que c'est frustrant de passer deux jours à bosser sur du HTML+JS que personne ne verra jamais

Would you be surprised that Adobe AIR has made a mess of my OS X Keychain?

Why the hell do they need to "work on it"? Just use Google Maps to set lat/long & compute distance.

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