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Front of the #occupyoakland march, stopping on 14th and Harrison to pose for photos.

This is pretty cool #occupyoakland

There's an Obama reelection office 3 blocks from #occupyoakland, where I'm headed back to now

Uh oh. KRON4 car's parked at #occupyoakland

Looks like they managed to pass an earlier curfew at #occupyoakland

Here's a useless BlackBerry Curve-quality photo of #occupyoakland dance celeb of day's events

...Is being powered by this man riding a bike #occupyoakland

This #occupyoakland radio broadcast...

Misspelled sign, or am I just missing the joke? #occupyoakland

So far, this is thankfully the only 9/11 truth sign I've seen #occupyoakland

Here's a photo of the sign. The woman's name is Mary Nash #occupyoakland

My first Guy Fawkes mask spotting #occupyoakland #ows

Three young dreadlocked boys wear red "I am Oscar Grant" t-shirts #occupyoakland

"Welcome to the Second Era of the Robber Barons" #occupyoakland #ows

Frances Hillyard, of Berkeley, holds Mumia sign, says she signed a couple petitions for #TroyDavis

200+ people gathered at Laney College waiting to march to #occupyoakland campsite

Lots of #occupyoakland workshops going on at Laney College in advance of 1 pm march

"This officer has marching orders not to mess w anyone here tonight" #occupysf

Where I might be right now if I'd remembered to try for a press pass

Part two of my baby pictures series. Not quite to babies-in-basket level