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Mother Jones writing fellow, Ames Progressive managing editor, frog enthusiast.

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The view into Frank Ogawa Plaza #occupyoakland

Meanwhile, this guy with three large dogs watches. #occupyoakland

Another #occupyoakland plaza photo.

Police are arranging for a plaza walkthru after "inventory" of scene taken. #occupyoakland

Another photo of the torn down #occupyoakland plaza.

#occupyoakland campsite, post-raid.

About 80 cops just marched off. The guy in red is (was?) An #occupyoakland cop watcher.

One more: the occupied entrance to Oakland's City Hall #occupyoakland

"Love is a human right" #occupyoakland

"Sunscreen?" I should probably have taken him up on that. #occupyoakland

TAX THE BIG DOGS #occupyoakland

Couldn't confirm how this happened but willing to bet was a riled-up #occupyoakland protester.

#occupyoakland Chase bank mischief.

Under highway overpass, #occupyoakland reaches end of march route at farmers market #occupyoakland

Confusing sign man: Bay Area presence for years, and ppl now advertise on his signs. #occupyoakland

"The resolution televised now!" Another media dig, maybe? #occupyoakland

"We are the 99% OCCUPY!" banner carriers are now leading the pack. #occupyoakland

The Adbusters flag. Corp logos instead of stars+upside down is kind of overkill. #occupyoakland

#occupyoakland's Snow Park camp is pretty tiny, only about 20 tents here.