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Mother Jones writing fellow, Ames Progressive managing editor, frog enthusiast.

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Jesse's rubber bullet collection, collected off streets. Others lodged in clothing. #occupyoakland

Strong turnout at the amphitheater. #occupyoakland

The plaza's packed now. #occcupyoakland

"Land under renovation" #occcupyoakland

Closer view of the fence surrounding the plaza. #occcupyoakland

Just got to the #occcupyoakland plaza. The barricades and riot cops have replaced by a fence.

These guys look serious. #occupyoakland

News vans are pretty close to tear gas epicenter, must be getting it pretty good. #occupyoakland

Blood on the sidewalk from someone I'm told took a tear gas cannister to the head. #occupyoakland


Some mischievous guy just stuck this sticker on a police barricade. #occupyoakland

This is where tear gas came from last time. tells me to GTF back--it burns! #occupyoakland

Better shot of the woman trying to keep things calm. #occupyoakland

The blurry-faced woman front right says she's making sure #occupyoakland ers don't get violent.

#occupyoakland demonstrators facing down the police at Frank Ogawa Plaza.

The riot police are on the move (in back) presumably to intercept march. #occupyoakland

I hope this dog steers clear of any tear gas. #occupyoakland

These guys are straight-up disguised. #occupyoakland

Another (blurry) shot of cops blocking 14th by the plaza #occupyoakland

Cops are warning protesters are in violation of law: unlawful assembly. #occupyoakland