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Looks like I'd charging my phone at a place that's down with the occupation. #occupyoakland

#occupyoakland is barricading 16th and Telegraph with dumpsters in anticipation of police.

And yes, I do realize I could have just taken a photo of the flyer:

"Strike! Take over! Occupy everything!" crowd chants. 520 16th Street has been occupied. #oo

Pizza Man didn't close today. "Some of this shit needs to occupy a trash can," says.

On the #occupyoakland shuttle bus, which is offering free rides back to Oscar Grant Plaza.

"Occupy Fox News" #occupyoakland

This truck just tried to drive past. People swarmed it, some trying to kick out the back lights...

.'s waiting in line behind 30 ppl to climb the ladder. About the same # up there now.

Someone should commission a poll: rubber bullets or student loans? #occupyoakland

I'm too afraid of heights to climb this. #occupyoakland

Some people chilling atop a semi outside the Port of Oakland. #occupyoakland

As ppl wait for 2nd march to the port to embark, a steady stream emerges from 12th St BART to join.

And right across 14th Street from the #occupyoakland plaza, citibank.

On my way to #occupyoakland, a vandalized Wells Fargo.

Heading back home for the night.

By the north entrance to the plaza, a tagged stop sign. #occupyoakland #oo

At city hall front door: "Trash collected on the streets of W Oakland (and we're unsanitary?) #oo

I tried to take a photo of the cops on Brush, but one chased us off: "You two, leave!" #oo

Before the food cart, we passed the Paramount: "Wells Fargo Symphony Opener," the sign reads.