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Michele Bachmann has just arrived at Uncle Nancy's Coffeehouse in Newton, Iowa. #iacaucus

In Newton at TPI wind energy co, where Perry is about to speak. Blade on left is from IA Straw Poll.

Occupiers pass the time with some punk rock show. #D12 #oo

This guy's standing in semi's way. An #oo'er is trying to convince him to let it thru. #D12

People are climbing these things again. #D12 #oo

Here's another sound truck, doing its part to keep things lively. #D12 #oo

Thousands of marchers have just arrived at the Port of Oakland. #D12 #oo

It's another massive march to the port, but I'm not sure it can top Nov. 2's crowd. #D12 #oo

An Oakland cop strikes a pose by the ramp to the port. #D12 #oo

#occupysf flyer: Don't let the 1% slowly cook you to death--frogs only jump out of boiling water!

Recording the march to the port at 14th and West. #D12 #oo

The colors of that ship in the upper right match well with those of this tent. #D12 #oo

There's a heated discussion between angry truckers and occupiers, to which the media has swarmed.

These are the cops who remain, standing behind the gate.

A couple dozen riot cops are marching away from berths 30-32 but a few remain.

The pepper spraying cop makes an appearance. #D12 #occupyoakland #oo

Berths 55 and 56 seem to be at a standstill but there's plenty of backed-up truck traffic. #D12 #oo

"Let the car through," says a guy in a tent in the road. "It can leave but it can't come back." #D12

Riot cops.

"This is going to be on YouTube," masked occupier tells angry port worker, who is also recording.