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Matt Harvey only threw his fastball away from righties in his first 5 starts. Not in last 5 starts - big change.

  • 1344 days ago via site
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Location of Harvey Four Seam FBs to Lefties so far: Green Ys = Whiffs, Blue squares = Outs, Black Xs = Hits.

  • 1384 days ago via site
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The locations of Matt Harvey changeups against lefties. The Red Xs resulted in hits, Green Ys resulted in whiffs

  • 1384 days ago via site
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My attempt at classifying Matt Harvey's Pitches Red=4seam; Orange=2seam; Yellow=Change; Blue=Slider; Purple=Curve

  • 1399 days ago via site
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Re: your post: I've isolated the movement/speed clusters of Dickey's so-called curve/forkball.

  • 1432 days ago via site
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Through the Tampa Start, the breakdown of Dickey's knuckleball velocity over the last 3 years.

  • 1438 days ago via site
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This is about 4 weeks out of date, but the same thing is seen now.

  • 1438 days ago via site
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And here's Parnell's average fastball velocity per batter faced in each appearance. That first batter is lucky.

  • 1737 days ago via site
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It does indeed appear to be down a little bit on both fastballs (Warning not my classifications).

  • 1767 days ago via site
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Is this graph, showing the change in Niese's pitch usage throughout the season, too busy to read?

  • 1776 days ago via site
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Bumgardner's usage of the slider/cutter by count has also changed: massive usage in 2 ball counts compared to 2010

  • 1797 days ago via site
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Look at the locations of these Drabek Cutters. Quite interesting.

  • 1806 days ago via site
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See the spikes middle-high? The Smoothing is getting rid of them, in a bit misleading way.

  • 1829 days ago via site
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There's no particular height that Bautista has issues with either. (Though High in zone is better than low)

  • 1829 days ago via site
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Going away from Jose Bautista no longer works. (Hasn't stopped guys from trying).

  • 1829 days ago via site
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Preview for tomorrow's Article: How the pitches of Charlie Morton have changed from 2010 to 2011

  • 1834 days ago via site
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On 0-2 Counts, pitchers this year REALLY have not wanted anything to do with the strike zone against Jose Bautista

  • 1837 days ago via site
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Mike Pelfrey sure does seem to love his fastballs lately.

  • 1842 days ago via site
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Pitchf/x Peeps, #Met Fans, what the heck is up with this from Pelfrey?

  • 1843 days ago via site
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Preview for tomorrow: Showing how R.A. Dickey's Knuckler velocity distribution has changed.

  • 1862 days ago via site
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