it's Delena Time !


FOREVER a ßelieber!Somerholic!Dobrevic! @Pitbull Lover(saw him28-6-12)Enriquette(saw him4-7-12)! I ♥ @B_Giabiconi ♥, @MPOFFICIAL ♥WWE @CMPUNK ♥ @ToumaMusic

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regarde ce que j'ai fais !! #OXYGEN !

hey look what I saw !

you already follow me but I still wanna make you laugh ! I hope it did !


Baptisteeeeeeeee !!!! je l'ai enfin !!!!! #OXYGEN #SoHappy !!!

Baptisteeeeeeeee je l'ai enfin !!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG #SoHappy !!! #OXYGEN !!!!

my French teacher said nobody has a perfect smile ! I wanted to scream JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!

#OXYGEN = Le meilleur album !!

après c'est toi qui voit

yeah not at all !

on a pas dit le contraire mais quand ya ça ! c'est autre chose !

but one direction won :(

but one direction won :(!

yeah this is why one direction won ! #EMA

my favorite player this year !

it's Elena right ?! not Katherine !!!

Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyy

t'es le meilleur ! Happy Birthday !!! love ya !


Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!