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@LinfieldCollege '13 B.A. in Mass Communication | Fulbright S. Korea ETA '13-14 | Digital & #SocialMedia Intern | #PR, ELT, 日本語

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I barely know any Korean but I'm pretty sure triangle isn't a letter in Hangul! Nice try, textbook...

And you're saying this is supposed to HELP me read Korean? It looks like algebra!

My chubby kitty Bosco napping on Alonso the triceratops pillow pet

Surger-versary cookies... which on second thought sounds creepy but I swear they're good

I'm convinced that #rainbow makes everything taste better. Take notes, Sam I Am

Thank you And also for you know, birthing me and all

I repeat, more #flowers!

I wish today's perfect weather would stay. Enough showers, more #flowers

Here, have some belated #Caturday Blobsco

Oatmeal coconut raisin butterscotch chip, I think. I need to start baking #cookies with easy names...

Somehow, this doesn't make me super confident in their Russian or Bulgarian abilities...

Yesterday someone asked if Jumbie (my Zune) was a "telephone." Nah, just an mp3 player from the olden days...

#tbt to 1993... 20 years later, I'm finally taller than my big sis cc

One of my last MAX instagrams. It's reached ritual status these past months

What can I say? It was simply a #NoFilter worthy day

Good morning moon #NoFilter

Naturally the MAX ride would wait for my last week to get this pleasant

OK, let's give this a shot! #Korean for dummies

I cannot tell a lie... just your basic cherry blossom pic, but how could I resist?

Oatmeal coconut cherry chip #cookiedough

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