George Soteropoulos


Professional male, athletic build. Likes walking on water, 1 handed back hand toe drags and going bar down while waiving to the crowd

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this buds for u #sotsweiser

Hi my names I like quiet evenings, long walks on the beach and winding down with barry manilow

going for a stroll on danforth? Chirp my age all u like but ur hair style is older than I am

what r the dinner specials?

ur vegetable oil is on sale

Little surgery to the lude

hahahaha happy b day #yalla! where's the party at? #windowsdownsinceday1

#1090club #stlb

Breakfast of champions

nazem kadri is #yalla in disguise

Burns brother is an absolute beauty, guy crosses the street like he's george jung #blow


doesn't get cheaper than this stuff lol #rubbingalcohol

shitty nails?

see it, visualize it #dodds

Thats def not water on the left side.Ppl staring thinkin I'm drinking water instead of beer #notwhatuthink

Take that amurica #fuckyeah lol

Difference of opinion sumwhat

Think I'm in a hockey house

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