My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot.

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Is Sonia really sweeping this niggas backyard??

Lunch in central park. Reminiscin and bein grateful for wat once was. Moving forward tho.the weekends heree. Find us in the heights tonite!

BBQ in Van Cortlandt w. thy soul twin. Can my circulatory system even take more liquor @ this point? Well I guess we'll find out

The arsenal we're dealing with. I have a crazy feelin 2nite is goin 2end up on

lunch.clearin my head of the negativity.growin as a person is dually exhaustin as it is enlightening.

lunch sittin in Central Park&clearin my head of the negativity.growin as a person is incredibly exhaustin.enlightened I am

The venue that hosted an Epic nite of .50 beer,ghosts of yonder past&a 1 time makeout session to the entirety of "best I ever had".college-y

Snuck into the Ft Wash Gazebos overlookin the bridge & river. talking shit n smoking Jaroms. Lol

Lol'ing @ the unfolding of the universe w. . Caught on iShirleyCam.

187&Cabrini twins cuzos which also is my boy from 1999 Camp Yomaha who was there for my 1st kiss ever. Going in

Just did a toast with Moet in kilos room! To you Sammmmmy :D he's beautiful

Thought we were slick going to Coldstone on a rainy day. I think not!

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