My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot.

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Angry Caucasian Alert Verizon. Spazzing on some Gustavo shit!

Ladies & Gentlemen : on my honeymoon, my yet to meet boo & I shall drink infinite Blue Moon Honeymoons :)

Studyin while Double parked in 207 Waitin 4Sonia while she does the compra.On my grad school sht

Walkin past Where 's cub plays&makes his non-drug-traficking $$

Wat a wonderful surprise!Came home&Brother Bear,his wife&my beeeeatiful niece Sofie are here!

Freezing&Stranded in 207 bc the 1 train despises me.

Bossman so od 4the revealn of my post office sender,he's tryn 2trick me.Fail bastard!Sweet flowers tho.Aow aows

Bossman is so od 4the revealin of my post office sender,he's tryin 2trick me.Fail bastard!Sweet flowers tho.Aow aows?

Def should be Snow White after our late walk home.U's a cat lady!

theme is Whorish Disney Princesses for Halloween but def should be Snow White after this

Dora the Exploring it rite now w/ the Unlimited Metrocard "swiper no swiping!"

Snuck into the old apt to finally close up that chapter&get some closure.Definitely bawling my eyes out.goodbye purple room

3rd fishbowl=atomic fail. Def gotta take the shady ass 4 train back :( it's finnnnnne

I tell Sonia Im cravin fish&she fckin brings home Flounder from the lil Mermaid.he has eyes!

Throwin away the last remnants of failed love's reminders.Talkin stuffd animals&wat not

Ladies&Gents proof that I didn't juuuust develop a drinkin problem.Tis my diploma

Showtime bitches.since we're really not there... and i had to OD...

Tis my mini me.the 15 yr old sneakin goose in her lil Sis' bday. She reminds me of my yonder CHS days.

Our view right now. Rooftop ballin'. Aaaaaowwwww

My dear came bearin gifts!!finally satisfyin my Nemo thirst.takin it ole school on the commute

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