Benjamen Bennett


Catholic. Pro-Life. Conservative. Republican. Manchester United fan. Punk rocker. Musician. Pabst's Blue Ribbon or Corona drinker. Correct

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Apparently Marietta moved to Dublin overnight. So this is how Ireland feels, huh

Don't eat me, bro!

Did you see you were the third most popular tweet in #tcot, behind ?

Yahoo weather: it's 13:00 now and you still can't predict what the correct weather is at 1300. Dumb.

I win at Twitter. Roll credits.

Anyone know who or where this Mr. Williams is? I'd like to speak with him.

If His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was here, I believe he would say "Benjamen, that is a nice tie and shirt". #Laetare

#FACT: Icons are not painted. They are Written. #Catholic #Icons #Lent

about the other rite, and our Parish is filled with a lot more icons now, such as this one.

My AIM account Has been around liver than our President has been in politics at the national level.

Hey, , this is a serious problem. This is just the past hour. Get it under control. NOW.

She's getting cuter with age.