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oh, you know, just a giant raccoon climbing a central park tree on the walk home #citygirl #nature

also, this was parked outside our office

everyone watching def leppard performing in our office. will have to resist 'coyote ugly' reenactment temptation

so sassy! you can also come visit me if you need your fill of smug cats

nothing like getting to work and finding a tub of will schuester's hair gel on your desk!

so is feeding me and . and feeding us, and feeding us...

just b/c ur hand is in a splint doesn't mean you can't do it up w sparkle polish. huzzah! happy new year y'all!

apparently the cats are sick of me. and snow.

my right hand currently has two nailpolish colors. a sparkly green ring and a monster.

so, I'm in love. with my new work computer. brb gushing all over the place.

and finally, our nondenominational, totally fake tree of all colors (from borders!) with a Chanukah bow.

celebrating Chanukah with and Neil diamond: #jewsjewsjews

obligatory I-left-a-blanket-on-the-couch-and-the-cat-cuddled-with-it tweet.

my dad got the dog raw hide that looks like a candy cane. as a result, the humans don't exist.

did a DIY grey-on-grey French manicure today. I dig it.

good to know that fall has finally kinda arrived in the second half of november

it's officially christmas season according to disney.

SO FLIPPIN EXCITED. they have Harry potter stuff at the airport, guys!

it's as if the cat was all, "man I KNOW Erica put these clothes here so I'd nap all day on them. so thoughtful!"

I don't know about you but I am currently working my way through a mutantly large double chocolate cookie.