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Born: 1982 Died: WIP All my life I wanted to be a turnip, and when my dreams finally came true the middle of last year, I was used in a stew.

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Here's a thing #minecraft
I got map rendering working over the network. This is the centre of my world at the moment

Completed Trainstation in our #Minecraft SMP world.

Saw this mini conversation on this Gawker article:

Finished and working Train Station proof. Neatened up a lot of the wiring too.

it's a prototype! you design the roof the way you want!

here's another shot of the prototype

Ok this is the redstone layout for the train station selector, side view.

A family member posted this today on Facebook #sigh

I believe I have a working prototype of the train station hub

. asked me if I'd made a Companion Cube in Minecraft. I hadn't, I just unearthed one instead...

Apparently the blacksmith is a really really popular place to hang

OMG the shopping centre has an Apple Store

Some can't get to the Facebook page, so here's a screenshot for posterity.

While working on the Minecraft town, I felt it needed a library. Dedicated to because books

No medieval castle town is complete without it's very own wizards tower! #Minecraft

Some cool houses #Minecraft

The walled gardens (with the bank and castle in the distance) #Minecraft

The town square at night #Minecraft

Interior of the church #Minecraft

The church and town hall behind #Minecraft

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