Gracie The Furbaby


I'm a FurBaby, I Like to chat, Rant, Rave, Eat and Sleep in the Car...OoOoO and Bark.. I can talk too. Just ask me a question.

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I don't like eye balls staring at me? It's invasion of my face! They gotta go!

Molly My Sis watching Youtube Siamese Cats Talking!

Molly watching Cats meow on computer!

This bird has to go! Plz help with advice? He is taLking 2 much ! Xoxo Gracie

this is me licking my paw at vets after I gave blood! hope they pay me 4 the blood!:)

I'm not happy about the needle in my leg 4 blood! It hurt me! But my doc is lovely... She,

This is just a poster about heart worm but it sure looks like a real dog!

I'm at my doc's getting myallergy shot & giving blood? For surgery! I better get paid 4 the blood??!

Chipmonk ALert! Dogs lookie!!

Squirre!!!! Alert!!! Dogs lookie! I have a squirre in my shoes!


Chip Monk eating M & M's.

well you go gir! I am in my tent seeping the 4quirrels wore me down! They laugh at us

Watch squirells They'll wear you out! Look at me! In my Tent sleeping. Got up 2 warn u

I'm in my Tent sleeping. Hold my calls! I need sum beauty sleep...shhhh.

Gracie in her Tent sleeping! Shhhh.......

Pond alert! Sabian fell in Pond! Smells like fish-Dog? He's drying his feet!

It's that damn Squirrel! It's eating Bird seed. Bwhahahah! I'm gonna knock it! I want my Bonz back!!

Cousin Sabian aka Saber tooth Tiger! Sleep over! Fun,food,play!!!