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I talk alot of shit, if you can't handle sexual material, vulgar humor, foul language, & honesty, do NOT follow me. Follow me on instagram @fuckingjrub.

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Off to bed :) #twitteroff

o_o enjoying her !

How the fuck did I end up at Baja Fresh?! Oh well it still looks bombbb! Chipotle tomorrow fer sure tho!

Some people get festive, damn. Hate to see their electricity bill o_o

Who eats pizza with a fork & knife .. <3

LOL ^____^

Does this shirt make me look douchy? Haha

Some kinda sick orgy goin on in the vending machines.... Uhh

Less than greatful denny's experiece. #Yuck

All these gay shirts I had to fold at work >:E #fuckpeople.

All wet n' shit.

#xmaswishlist pls <3

Uhhhh hahahahahaha GROSS

Warning pic is XXX - Anyone trying to spend a hot night with this stud? #AnyOffers?

Snatched my nephews candy while he was asleep, now i'm gonna pick out all the good candy >:) #TrickorTreatBitch! Muaha


That depressing moment when you spill your moscato on your pants. #Soberlife

Welcome Home... O_O

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