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Holy shit! Huge fire at Cambie road!

Loving the new Beats (thanks ) and the new Targus iPad stylus. Thanks again

FUCK FUCK FUCK! WHY?! So all of a sudden I notice my iPad 2 has insane fucking light leak. So pissed.

Holy fuck is it sexy...

Got my ball! Next up a jersey!

as long as it's better than this, you should sail right in..

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Not happy, in fact, I'm really mad at the moment. I didn't do this..

If responds in 48 hours to my issue, I keep it, otherwise it's deleted. This always happens, help?

Can't wait to get my hood fixed next week and drive a courtesy car! Just to display my excitement, here's how I feel:

The number of iPads Chrysler is using at the #autoshow is astounding.

Bye bye Jornada. You were so, so cool back in the day. My iPad 2 won't miss you as much as my childhood me will #geeksad

Gotta love kits beach. There's a smell of beer in the air from the Molson Brewery, and this lovely view

So tempted to bite the bullet and go... #wwdc

It makes any song pretty, especially ones from #iPad2

By the way, I had to try this

Jeez, talk about finite details. By the way, it says DQF102701TADL6H4. Gotta love Apple and their pursuit of perfection

Mission complete!!

Richmond #Bestbuy now at 18 people in line for the iPad 2 launch! Still no idea as to how this is going to work..

this is the line at the Richmond, BC Best Buy. 10 people already; it started at 1030pm PST

Wtf is this archive shit?! Lemme delete stuff!! #damnyoufacebook