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Cleaned out my bag & realised I had the keys to three different cars -__-"' HAHAHA

My baby has grown bigger!!

Bitch next to me can't park for shit. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so. Just look at her side mirror.

My Tape Stiletto. The highlight of my work day.

Best type of money packet to receive during Raya. Still beats them green ones!

Three sheddings down, one more big one to go. C'mon Scruffy, you can do it!!

Greedy Guts! Somebody is eating two wormies at the same time. He makes his Mama proud!! *beams*

Life in the slow lane. Hahaha

He looks more like a panda, than a hedgehog. Hodgepodge! #Hobbs

They shortened it!! :O

The late Saf. Rejected fishfood.

, meet Mia two. Hahahahahaha eh tell me if u order, I wanna get extra brush heads and cleansers! Xx

, we were probably celebrating your birthday in school on this day! We were 9 years old at that time!!

My Golliwog is showing signs of pre-molting. Look at how nekkid his ass is!

There was some 'Buy 2 Free 1' promo in UK. Hahahaha imagine kalau aku OD on this! :P

Here are the measurements, as promised. I gave u ngam2 the size but can give allowance a bit yah :D

Its no bunny, but I suppose this would make do.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my first pet, Scruffy.

So ugly. My gelatinous-coated ziegster. Blackheads be gone!!

, I've been meaning to show u the latex gloves I wear . These are quite good. They have texture hence grip.

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