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Even her weetbix box matches her neon way of life #dedication

Which one of you snuck that smiley in?

go next door & have a chat with Jony. Pls also ask him 2 fix the contrast of the "x" icon in the dark bar

She's using the keyboard as a stand.
Unrelated news: There's my arm. Looks weird.

#apple iOS7 devs. Pay attention!

Looks like navigation in iOS7 maps changes color depending on the time of day. Smart

Current status

iOS7 #areasthatstillneedlove

When was the last time u were on a dragon sled with 3 pandas (one in a bonnet) and a crane, all being led by a llama?

I’m not sure what to make of this?
app devs - why the double up?

this one is for you!

Forgot about this bad boy! Thanks #hattip

O #theirony.

For those keeping score.

Really #Yahoo?
You call that an improved app icon?
Get rid of the branding!


Yip, this has been going for a while… #letterpress

Current status.

top right hand corner of the title bar (apps) also ends with an awkward corner space. #justextendthebar

One would think you could tap on this and it would do something?
#thinkagain #tsktsk #facebook

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