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LOL! Evidence of a girlfight in the mall parking lot. Oh snap.

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Check out this Korean train mag article that my youtube friends and I are featured in!

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Yay! Got my BR tweed dress back from the tailors. Fits perfect! :D

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omg, love this Rilakkuma. XD I'd call it a "cannibear". I want one!

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My ROTD (rings of the day). Been obsessed with my new octopus ring from Etsy. ^o^

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lol. My eye felt dry & I reached up, only to realize it was crystals I put there for my Taeyeon Run Devil Run look.

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This is what it looks like outside now. True blizzard! Those snow chunks aren't on the window, they are moving!

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and here is a beige-pink leather jacket by "BLUR" size 40. $60. Both jackets are the softest leather I've felt.

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here's a photobooth pic of the leather theory blazer in size 0. ^o^

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My current bling. I <3 wearing tons of rings! You can tell when I'm unwell because my hands will be naked. ;)

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Aww, saw these cute animal tracks in the snow. ^_^ I think it's from a bunny?

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Hubby freaked out when he saw our "matching" argyle socks! But mine look like baby socks next to his. lol.

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Check out me and on a hike today! I'm the one on the left. XD

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Our weird, matching cat Christmas stockings! Some people just don't understand how hilarious this is. =^.^=

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I got my jcrew order in. I look SO frump in that wool bell skirt. >_< Returning!

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Basically, my dad's the coolest guy on earth with the best Christmas tree tie ever. It's so flipping awesome. LOL!

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something is not quite right with this panda's face.

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My bday present from hubby!! So excited. ;D

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Me right now with my vicks tissue-mustache. LOL! I'm so sick. :( And now my lip is minty.

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