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I know which way I'd run to if the choice was mine.

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This stupid phone doesn't do this moment justice. #ceremony

”So how's life on earth?” ”Oh I dunno. It's ok. Sometimes I eat Taco Bell in my car while looking at shit like this.”

Look what just came in the mail.

Sometimes people ask me ”Sarah, how did you get so tough?” ”Craig Frier I say.”

And In Other News: magnets don't stick to stainless steel and I think my neice colored me a picture of an ass.

Happy Fridaytimes.

Lindsey Vs. Nick #art

If this is a Rom Com I hope it ends with me & living in a cool old house across from the beach. #Evanston

Why this picture is so funny I don't even know.

Of all your lyrics/bass combos , I still think Driven To Tears is my favorite.

Sometimes Chicago really is totally top ranking.

Today I saw . Bought his book, then had a beer at an outdoor cafe & public cried to the 1st chapter. <3

”It's easy to be mean.” -my favorite thing someone said this week

*Disclaimer: Loose rules apply to all Godstuffs in my book.

Dear Neighbor,
How are you sleeping through your Japanese Cartoon Alarm? I hope I farted all night.
-Your Pal Sarah

Fairytale of New York. #BestShowWFMU

I am having an adventure in NYC.

Waiting at the train station & a buncha dads & kids showed up to watch the train come. Apparently, that's a thing.

Saturday night in Vermont. I don't know what it's like in your family. #Punk #QuarterbackPunk

Ok. That is actually pretty cool.