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Just wrapped up at the Angels with Tails adoption event in Chicago. Four cats got new homes today, woo!

I need to make more work like this. This's my taste. (One off piece meant to stand on its own, not a narrative.)

He makes it hard to type answers to an interview I have due. :D

Little dude is throwing a fit if I put him down. Mucho cute though.

I loves him already.

Bear in mind, he's not some fru-fru potbelly-pig; he's going to be a 1000lb pig-pig.

Poor little guy. He's going to have sheep, ducks, chickens, dogs and cats for friends soon.

Anyone else worry when they capture exactly what they want in a thumbnail? Makes me feel like I won't capture it twice.

TThe iPad w/apple case makes for an impromptu drafting desk angle when forced to work on the go. This pleases me.

Perhaps the dumbest thing I've seen all year. states the blatantly obvious and misses it himself.

I try to avoid pettiness in an attempt to edify those misled about spec, but has quite the ego.

they're Prismacolor Premiere Torquoise drawing leads.

Look how dinky. I like lead holders, but carrying their sharpeners around is a pain. Problem solved.

Its base twists and closes the lead entry point so no shavings get out.

You can try tweaking the "Click Threshold" in settings - might be too light!

Taken for Kiel West to prove that I do, indeed, have a head like a '30s henchman in profile.

This must be the look on Bill's face every morning when he wakes up. "Holy fuck, I'm Bill Murray!"

Garfield will do ANYTHING for lasagna.

It's nice to not be dealing with email issues and get back to the business of drawing.

I have one too! It's old as dirt, but works really well.