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Just screwing around. But I'd totally wear this.

I'd like to start making games again. 3D this time. (2D is fine, I just want to expand my skill set.)

Just what does the Riverest Christian School teach with this motto?

Rough pencil sketch for possible Android tee design.

Getting a feel for the Android mascot in a few quick sketches for a forthcoming illustration.

I'm trying to stoke the fires of my withered capitalistic instincts by promising myself a paintball gun.

Cough. Album title/band name required yet.

Time to scan it. It's busy. I had very specific instructions on this one. Not terribly pleased with it.

Some people asked, the brush is a #3 round sable series 33 from Rosemary and Co. Getting there:

So far so good.

Had a lot of fun w/the beard.

Beginning of inks:

The backs of cars make good robot faces. Noticed that since I was a kid. Easy to see personalities.

Heh. There's something satisfying about seeing myself beat myself up in my reference.

Pencils in progress for an album art job. Very specific direction on content on this one.


Quick ink-sketch of an e-friend to get warmed up for more client work.

Thought I'd take a few minutes to start a Johnny Craig homage. One of my favorite panels in a comic ever.

The ones I still have:

Case in point.