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Hanging out at the Mrs'. animal shelter and socializing kittens like a boss.

The most useless Tiny Tower resident ever.

I can access one on my iPad right in bed! :D

Can't sleep, so I'm working on game tiles. Each square is only 16 pixels across.

Another photo of the baby deer. "YOU ARE MADE OF SALT!"

Some of today's game sprite tinkering.

Just finished the turkey dinner and apple power ups. Enemies dropping roast turkeys is a must.

It's nice to be work on my own game after dealing with Minecraft's idiosyncratic restrictions.

10:35 on Saturday night, spriting with my iPad. #nerd

This is me at my peak of radness. I topped out early.

Nothing will satisfy idiot birthers. These comments slay me.

New ver. of Sprite Something in the app store. The best tool for pixelart on iPad is better than most desktop apps.

While looking for a couple of public domain Robert E. Howard stories to read, I stumbled upon the following. Wow.

Did I mention how rad making game tiles with Sprite Something on the iPad is? (Developer to follow, )

Working on a pixel art self-portrait on my iPad.

Morning speedpaint warmup doodle. Does it show that I fell asleep reading a Lovecraft biography last night?

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The latest iBooks app update says fully illustrated art books are now in the store in its release notes. Comics?

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Also, tiled edge support (x, y, or both, can wrap). And it looks neat.

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