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Organizer of @buildguild. Co-builder of @statamic. Creator of things at @fredhq. Man of action.

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Adding insult to injury.

Aubrey, sound asleep.

Amelia & her “wiggly worm.” Poor little guy.

Let the phishing begin!

Chase Sapphire, apparently pro gunman.

Fun new game. Open Photo Booth, choose a backdrop. When it says move out of frame, just close your eyes. Then open.

Current status: #numberwang

Remember, “Yosemite” rhymes with “Dolemite.”

Nothing like benefitting from a tragedy.

Not sure what I walked in on this morning. #statamic

It’s bizarre, some of the emoji that don’t exist considering some of the ones that do.

Hey neat. Coming soon. #statamic

Currently: says the game is over.

This is the man who invented the Flowbee.

It’s great. Also, you appear to be in the “Leather District.”

Photo Booth’s heart-effect completely blew Amelia’s mind.