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Wanna smell like today :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Gotta support da girl scouts lol

Aww just got a early b day gift guess all the stones in my ring lol dont worry ill,wait

Look how beautiful my,city is,even in traffic

Guess what my car smells like

My cat just fucked me up :-(


GOOD NEWS your Monday will not be a bore you can download #MRWinteraTime #March5th

So designed a high class stripper shoe made out of socks that costs over 5K do you guys like it?

Wow this can cover up some extreme farts tho... just saying

cassie hair cut aint nuttin new tho... mexicans use to have that hair cut all the time in 95 in cali

Look who's on mtv jams !!!!!

Dinner time egg flower soup biiiitch

taylor gang hahaha

Ghetto shit kool aid n a wine glass haha

Bumpin and big spender!!

Hahaha watching mr showbiz for the sec time tonight... I'm in tears lil juicy hahaha

If ur from cali u knowww what this issss

right here go girl scouts

Girl scouts yay