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Latest Spectator is better value than ever, with free copy of our new mag "Spectator Life". AA Gill leads lineup.

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The attached, on Osborne & deficit reduction, is from the Spectator budget briefing (pdf)

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Debt as % of GDP more than Labour plans (attached) but lower in cash terms due to £23bn Royal Mail pension tweak

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From small print: Osborne now borrowing more than the Labour projections he attacked in election time (attached)

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From the small print: Osborne now borrowing more than the Labour projections which he attacked i election time.

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In case Osborne is wondering, the most recent research indicates 38p tax raises the most. Source:

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Tomorrow's Spectator on the man pulling Cameron's strings: Jeremy Heywood, the Hilton-slaying Cabinet Secretary.

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The new Spectator announces the £8,500 Matt Ridley prize for environmental journalism. First entry in already!

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Cover of The Spectator's Australian edition, with brilliant analysis of Kevin Rudd's resignation.

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New wonderfuel found off Shetland all the more reason for it to go independent (on SNP logic)

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If Ed Miliband is a goner, who's next? The bookies have a clear favourite: the cover girl of the new #Speccie...

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This week's Spectator reveals the wording of Salmond's proposed two-question referendum (pic attached)

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GOTCHA! Spectator front cover tomorrow (attached) about how the tabloids fell into the Leveson trap. By Toby Young.

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attached is latest GERS assuming 100% of oil revenue to Scotland- and STILL deficit. What am I missing?

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To win in 2015 Cameron badly needs new Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson to triumph #irnlady

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“We went into the crisis with lower national debt than we inherited in 1997” This graph exposes Balls’ claim as an invention

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PhotoShop-a-looter - great British humour.

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Peter Brookes, genius, sums up Libya fiasco perfectly on p25 of The Times.

Death of the LibDems - preview of the next Spectator front cover. Nick Cohen and James Forsyth on the return of two-party politics

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Why Clegg has come to LibDem conference wearing more red meat than Lady Gaga: my NOTW column

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