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Censorship Olympics: Nick Cohen's explosive story is now available free on

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If you don't see new Spectator in the shops today, we may have lost our battle with the Olympic censors...

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here's one i made earlier....

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but even structural deficit won't be dealt with by 2015. Osborne's deadline has slipped (see attached)

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Cameron also pushing it when saying "only Labour... think the answer is more debt”. He's upping debt by 60pc #pmqs

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Cameron has little to boast about on deficit, which he's now reducing MORE SLOWLY than Labour's pre-election plans

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In Sep2010 the ONS published the attached graph for public sector productivity change from 1995-2008

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Britain doesn't need a new law to hit aid target: thanks to private generosity we hit it before the election (pic)

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My Telegraph column on Tricolour Britain, a preview of next week's elections:

Will Boris survive the latest omnishambles? Our cover for the new Spectator, going to press now.

"The solution to a debt crisis cannot be more debt" says Cameron. Yet that's exactly his policy (see graph)

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"The solution to a debt crisis cannot be more debt" says Cameron. So why is he massively increasing it? (graph)

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A worldwide downturn, but Britain doing worst than most as this depressing graphic shows.

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The Spectator's new podcast, The View from 22, was iTunes no1 last week. Get this week's:

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In PMQs, Cameron talks about "importance of getting on top of the deficit". Here's his progress over two years.

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The miracle of the Sunday after Easter - my favourite cartoon from this week's Spectator. More on

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London is not British anymore, and the worst place from which to govern. Spectator cover story: (FB)

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Proud to announced arrival of The Spectator's new, weekly podcast "The View from 22".
To listen:

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